Low Carb, High Carb…Learn to Feed Your Soul!

Low carbs! High protein! Everybody’s talking about a low-carb high-protein diet. everyone says that’s the thing that works. That’s how to lose weight and be healthy. Everywhere you turn, there’s another story about how a low-carb diet is good for you. Pasta needs to be made from rice, artichokes, spinach or anything that doesn’t contain gluten. I realize that there are individuals that suffer from gluten intolerance but it is not an epidemic. If it were wouldn’t millions of Italians be suffering from ailments related to eating pasta? The ultimate irony is that Italians live long lives. The oldest living person in the world lives in Italy. Her name is Emma Morano and she is 116 years old, She eats hardly any fruits or vegetables, but she does eat pasta. She also has a raw egg and a shot of brandy everyday.

Gerontologists are studying Italian centenarians to try to find out what makes them live so long. Since I grew up with and witnessed my Italian relatives lifestyles, I can attest to the fact that what they ate was a big part of their well-being. However, that being said none of them turned certain foods into an obsession. We Americans on the other hand are always embracing or discarding certain foods which we  think will kill us or cure us.

High fiber diets were a huge rage and still are to a certain degree, particularly against colon cancer. So, since we human beings tend to dutifully try to do what’s best for our health, everyone goes bananas for fiber. Lots of fiber! Since we also believe that “too much of a good thing, is good”. Suddenly it’s in everything. Oatmeal was touted as the grain that could reduce cholesterol and help prevent heart disease. A lot of people over dosed on fiber making them constipated and bloated. What fun!

As soon as a couple of scientists come out of their lab and announce the results of a study with a group of volunteers, they decide to publish the results and within a short period of time the media jumps on it. “Tonight at ten, can turnips cure cancer?” Then the machine starts working. Everywhere you turn there’s an article about turnips and cancer. Pretty soon you walk into the supermarket and there are shelves filled with turnip products. It becomes incorporated into everything. You’ll be able to buy dried turnips, turnip shampoo, and face creams. After all it might remove wrinkles. Never mind that eating too many turnips can give you gas. But if it means you might live a little longer why not?

Perhaps it’s time to listen to our inner physician. The voice of reason that  knows what can help us sort out the nonsense from the common sense. Make eating a joyful event it will help to feed your soul!




Navigate your life with a sense of humor; It may be your saving grace!

Nothing is as important as a sense of humor when it comes to aging. Studies of centenarians have revealed that it’s one out of the three most vital coping mechanisms that healthy individuals possess: therefore, it’s crucial to living a long, happy life.

Unfortunately as we age we are often compromised by becoming more vulnerable physically and possibly mentally, or deeply saddened by the loss of loved ones. The good news is that aging seems to allow most individuals to live life with more acceptance. It’s as if the Serenity Prayer really kicks in and you finally realize you don’t have much control over anything. If you find yourself or a family member suffering from depression or anxiety their sense of humor will be one of the first things to go. Clinically depressed individuals have no ability to access their humor. Many of the anti-depressant today can help people who find themselves thrown into feelings of despair and isolation, however it’s equally as important to learn to access better thinking skills.

I have been through my own bouts of anxiety. I suffered from panic attacks as a young child and also as a young women. I believe it is somewhat genetic, having witnessed my mother and grandmother dealing with it.

My saving grace has been my ability to use humor as a coping mechanism to get through some of life’s most difficult situations. I was even able to make a comedy routine out of my panic attacks, once they were over. Is this a viable possibility for everyone? No, it isn’t! I believe my gene pool has had a lot to do with my ability to see the funny in a myriad of situations. I am thankful for this genetic gift since my life has been a roller coaster ride.

I never would have imagined having to go through divorce, single parenting, financial issues, taking care of an elderly mother and four implant surgeries. But life hands you lemons and you can either throw them out, make lemonade or find a way to find some humor inherent in the situations.

Yes, finding comic belief in difficult situations can be a lifesaver, but don’t wait for something difficult to happen before you get started. Even though you may come from serious parents or been told that getting older means you have to get more serious don’t take it to heart. Navigating life with a sense of absurdity, humor and a big dose of fun can help with the problems of aging and all its difficulties. You may not be able to laugh everyday, but you can certainly try. It costs nothing and is probably the best prescription available to make you feel better about life. Keep in mind “He/she who laughs last, laughs best”.